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Individual & Family Insurance Coverage (Under age 65)

We offer multiple health coverage options for you and your family. Our licensed professionals can explain all the various plan options that are available to you.

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Medicare Insurance (Over age 65)

Medicare Supplement Plans are accepted by over 95% of all doctors/providers in America. Referrals are not required.  Many people love the freedom of choice for your medical provider, predictability of costs, and very low rate increase history with most carriers.

Medicare Advantage Plans are Guaranteed Issue, have No Pre-existing Limitations and usually offer co-pays for Doctor, Hospital and RX costs.  Premiums are often $0 per month.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance is about taking care of your loved ones.  It protects your family and lets you leave them a defined, non-taxable cash amount at the time of death.  It can also replace your income, so your family can maintain their quality of life.

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Dental, Vision and Hearing Plans

Dental Coverage include coverage for preventive care, like routine exams, cleanings, and X-rays.  Many plans also include coverage for additional services like fillings, extractions, root canals and crowns.

Vision Plans typically cover the cost of an annual eye exam and prescription eyeglasses and/or contact lenses.

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Supplemental Insurance

Critical Illness and Cancer Plans help cover your out of pocket costs for heart attack, cancer, stroke and additional diseases.  Many expenses incurred due to a critical illness are not covered by traditional health insurance plans, such as deductibles, co-pays, experimental treatments, travel, and more.

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About Us

Smart Choice Benefits is a full service health insurance brokerage.  We help individuals and businesses find the best value without sacrificing quality of coverage.  We listen to our client's needs and provide all available options.  We answer your calls when you have issues and are here to serve you.

Clients Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying.

"I would recommend Herb Mills with Smart Choice Benefits to anyone looking for assistance with their insurance needs. He was so helpful to our organization - Four Rivers Association of REALTORS ®, was not pushy at all, and very knowledgeable. He is always so quick to respond to all of our inquiries."

Regina Tubre   -   New Braunfels, TX

When J Bar Contractor's Services chose to leave the large corporate PEO that had been providing our corporate benefits, we relied heavily on Herb Mills and his expertise to facilitate our transition. Transitioning benefits is often viewed from the perspective of the burden the transition puts on the company, or the HR team. However, one thing that is often overlooked is the stress that this type of transition puts on the employees, but Herb didn't overlook it. He was here for us every step of the way. He brought his team and did an education meeting for our employees, and then met with every single one of our 40 employees to explain the plans to them, give them exact pricing down to the per paycheck cost. We got better rates than what we were paying per employee and had a 65% increase in enrollment. We've had a wonderful experience since bringing our business to Herb Mills and Smart Choice Benefits.  

Tanis Jamar, Owner   -   Burnet, TX

Herb Mills with Smart Choice Benefits is the one I recommend to everyone in need of assistance finding the right health insurance. He took great time and care in helping answer all of my questions and was able to make recommendations on health and dental insurance that not only fit my needs but also my budget. Herb followed up and delivered on all of his promises to me and I know he will do the same for you!

Mike Wilson   -   Houston, TX

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Smart Choice Benefits and the Texas Hill Country community

Although we have clients throughout the state of Texas, including the big cities of Dallas and Houston, our regional focus is Central Texas in the greater Austin and San Antonio areas and the towns throughout the Texas Hill Country such as Wimberley, Dripping Springs, Blanco, Johnson City, Burnet, Kyle, Buda, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Gruene, Spring Branch, Bulverde, Boerne just to name a few.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find health insurance near San Marcos?
Our agency can help you understand your options including getting insurance through or medical cost sharing.

Additional Information

How much does an Obamacare health plan cost in Wimberley, TX?
To determine the cost of an ACA plan for an individual or family, several factors must be considered.  Some of these factors include:
  • 1.  The ages of you or/and your family members.
  • 2.  Which plan you choose.
  • 3.  If you qualify for a subsidy.
  • 4.  Which region of the country you live in.
If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident, you are likely to qualify for health insurance coverage through the ACA (Obamacare).   For more information, give us a call.
How can I get health insurance or Medicare insurance coverage in Wimberley, TX?
Absolutely.  Our team of licensed health insurance professionals are happy to assist you in finding the ideal individual, family or Medicare health insurance plan for your unique needs.  When it comes to Texas health insurance, we are the experts.  We serve the Wimberley, Austin and San Antonio regions.
How can I know which health insurance plan is right for my needs?
It does not have to be difficult to select a good health insurance plan.  All you need to know is what factors to consider.  To start, take a look at your family's present medical situation.  Know your family's medical history inside and out.  Consider how frequently you or your family members visit a doctor.  What prescription medications are you taking right now?  Do you or a family member require the services of a certain physician?  In depth knowledge about this type of information will make the process much simpler.

Next, you will want to review and understand the deductibles, coinsurance and maximum out-of-pocket benefits of the health insurance plan options that are available to you.  Benefits can vary greatly.  You want to weigh whether or not you are comfortable with the potential cost to you, should the unexpected occur.
Lastly, you will want to consider the health plan monthly premium.  How much you can afford?  With thoughtful consideration of the above items, you can be assured of making a smart health insurance plan choice.
Where can I get health insurance near me?
Our licensed health insurance agents will be happy to help you find the right plan for your needs.  We service the Wimberley, Austin and San Antonio regions.
Where can I get Medicare supplement insurance assistance near me?
Our office provides expert assistance with Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans.  We service the Wimberley, Austin and San Antonio regions.
How can I find out if I qualify for an Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) health insurance plan?
If you are a U.S. citizen under 65 years of age, you are very likey to qualify for an Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) health insurance plan.  Any issues of qualification usually have to do with when you apply.  This is why it is important to apply as soon as possible.
Can I qualify for an Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) health insurance plan if I have a medical condition?
Your medical status is not a factor when applying for an Affordable Care Act plan.
Can you help with small group health insurance coverage?
Yes.  Thanks to new health insurance regulations and guidelines, you can likely realize significant savings by reviewing your group health insurance coverage now.
Please give us a call:  (832) 349-5527.
How do I signup for a 2022 Affordable Care Act health insurance plan?
We can instantly provide you with rates and benefit details for all of the 2022 Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Health insurance plans.  We can also help you choose and apply for the ACA plan that best suits your needs and budget.  Please give us a call:  (832) 349-5527.
I'm new here.  Can you help me sign up for a 2022 ACA health insurance plan?
We are happy to assist you in applying for Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) health insurance coverage in the state of Texas.  We can also help you compare plan rates and benefits in order to find the best health insurance plan for your needs.  Please give us a call:  (832) 349-5527.

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Today's Insurance Tip:

Interesting Fact:  What is The Hippocratic Oath?  The Hippocratic Oath, is perhaps the most widely known of Greek medical texts.  It requires a new physician to swear upon a number of healing gods that he will uphold a number of professional ethical standards.  Hippocrates is considered to be the father of modern medicine because in his books, of which there are more than 70, he described in a scientific manner, many diseases and their treatment after detailed observation.  Hippocrates saved Athens from a plague epidemic and for that was highly honored by the Athenians.